Searching the web for carpet cleaning companies in Northern Nevada? It pays to do your homework. If you are confused about carpet cleaning prices and various methods, you should be. There are almost as many carpet cleaning companies as pizza parlors in this area. How do you know which is the best value for the price?

Low Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning Program

Benefits of Low Moisture Cleaning Methods

• Dries to a non-sticky crystal
• Vacuums out easily
• Reduces re-soiling
• Lengthens time between cleanings • Extends life of the carpet

• Improves indoor air quality • Reduces labor costs


Steam cleaning is recognized by most carpet manufacturers and fiber producers as the preferred method for the most efficient soil removal. Present state of the art equipment enables high rates of production.


1. Never set up a cleaning job without an on-site estimate. A good carpet cleaner won’t make promises about cleaning until they can see and smell what they are getting into. With CJ’s Recommended Carpet Care, there is no bait and switch, no gimmicks; you will have an on-site, written quote ahead of time.

2. Beware of the “3-room specials” that sound too good to be true. Too often these are new companies trying to get into the business, with no track record to check on, or they are working on quantity, not quality. These folks are barely skimming the surface of dirt on your carpet because they are rushing off to the next job.

3. Always ask for references. A company with a good reputation will have many references and won’t hesitate to give them to you!

4. You get what you pay for. Truer words were never spoken…and truth is important to consumers. Let’s face it, everyone wants the best deal they can find, and many people will shop on price entirely. That could be a mistake you don’t want to make, as typically it costs you more in the long run. We do a job once, and do it right. However, in order to accommodate everyone, CJ’s Recommended Carpet Care offers three different levels of service so that budget concerns can be respected.

The Proof is in the Pudding. Another old adage…one that we whole heartedly believe in. CJ’s Recommended Carpet Care was built on happy customers, year after year.

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